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SAS® Programming & Development

Email: wmm@wandamm.com
Phone/Fax: 561-487-9556
Cell Phone: 412-770-5942

Welcome to WandaMM.com!   Wanda M. Mercer
Wanda M. Mercer has over twenty-five years of experience in computer applications analysis, design, programming, product development and project management. For seventeen years she has consulted in scientific, engineering and business environments with emphasis on medical, marketing and economic research. Through her years of experience, she has become skilled in a variety of software tools and hardware platforms, having developed an extensive technical background, possesses exceptional problem solving, interpersonal, and communication skills, is well organized, self-motivated, and able to find creative solutions to operational and technical problems.


Cell Phone:

Boca Raton, FL 33428



SAS® Consulting Services
SAS® consulting for the analysis, design and implementation of applications to support social and scientific research. We work on a project-by-project basis in our own office and at the client's site. On-site contracts in Southern California and telecommuting contracts anywhere in the United States are desired. We are willing to travel frequently to remote clients for meetings and development sessions.

* Analysis and design of custom medical and pharmaceutical applications.
* Econometric modeling and forecasting for business and research.
* Application analysis, design and implementation of systems for clinical trials and
  epidemiology studies.
* Data consolidation and analysis for scientific publications.
* Marketing survey instrument design, data collection and reporting.
* Object-oriented analysis and design for software development.
* Quality analysis of developing and existing software systems.
  SAS® Expertise:

Other Software:
* Microsoft ACCESS
* Microsoft EXCEL
* DB2
* Oracle

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