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SAS® Programming & Development

Email: wmm@wandamm.com
Phone/Fax: 561-487-9556
Cell Phone: 412-770-5942

My experience includes increasing responsibilities in computer applications analysis, design, programming, product development and project management. For the last twenty years, I have been consulting in scientific, engineering and business environments with emphasis on medical and marketing research.

I bring to my assignments:

*  An extensive technical background using a variety of
   software tools and hardware platforms.

*  Exceptional problem solving, interpersonal, and
   communication skills.

*  Well-organized, self-motivated work ethic.

*  An ability to find creative solutions to operational and
   technical problems.


* Epidemiology study data collection, consolidation and analysis for the pharmaceutical and academic environments.

* Marketing survey instrument design, data collection and reporting for US and international pharmaceutical companies.

* Quality analysis of retrospective medical care software tool for major U.S. pharmaceutical company.

* Analysis and design of medical record abstraction data collection system for medical school and research institute.

* Object-oriented analysis and design of clinical applications in the client-server environment including a cancer staging system, solid organ transplant expert system, and medical outcomes analysis system.

* Analysis and design of oncology claims analysis system including models for cancer-related diagnoses and services.

* Application design/implementation and data analysis for large-scale, multi-site clinical trials. Created randomization schedules for treatment allocation and drug labeling. Designed and produced clinic monitoring and coordinating center forms and reports. Produced study data monitoring and clinic performance monitoring reports.

* Economic and marketing research at the Federal National Mortgage Association (Fannie Mae).. Performed data management and analysis of loan (including HMDA), US census, consumer and other data. This included the incorporation of geographic information with economic and financial databases (Geographic Information Systems).

* Produced reporting systems for customer satisfaction surveys, training course evaluations, industrial process control, and financial instruments (travelers checks, remittance documents, bond portfolio).

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